London Grocery Shopping

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In terms of grocery shopping, theres also a difference between the two cultures since there seems to be more supermarkets in the US as compared to Europe, for example. For Brits, they love shopping at for fresh produce at the town market where they have more options for fruits, vegetables and all sorts of food. This is actually one of the reasons why Americans find Europe attracting. Many Americans who come to Europe like to shop at outdoor town markets to buy food since its a whole new experience. Though nowadays, the supermarket is still the go-to place for quick buys.

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What About Entertainment?

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In the US, there is a smorgasbord of television shows to cater to all kinds of people. There are numerous comedy shows and drama series that Americans love to watch. The British have many options too when it comes to entertainment programming but usually, these shows are targeted to a specific audience in their country. Therefore there are less British shows that are being shown in the US and the Americans need to modify them a bit to fit their audience. Just like in other countries, the US also have their own spin offs of Brit shows, so Americans can relate more to the program. When it comes to reading entertainment, the U.S. has a program called Bestseller Blueprint that is meant to help you create a bestseller, guaranteed! Such a system would be harder to find in the U.K., where items such as purity rings are more popular.

When it comes to sports, there is also a big difference. In the States, protein powder is a popular dietary choice and not in the UK. If basketball and baseball are popular in the American culture, for the British, they would prefer football/soccer and rugby as their leisure sport. During professional sports matches, Both cultures show great support to their home teams but usually the British are more aggressive when it comes to their devotion to their teams.

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